Google Goggles Android Apps Download

Google Goggles is one of the best android apps available in the market today. A bit of innovation through this app allows you to take photos and gets Google to analyze them so that it can return an appropriate result page showing something associated. The main use of this application is the QR Code Reader that allows you to scan bar-codes for rapid access. In other words, if you take a picture of a painting, a bar-code, a popular landmark, a product or any other popular image and if Goggles happens to find your picture in its database, then it offers you all the necessary information connected to it.

Goggles are powered to read text in French, English, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese and Turkish. It can translate any language. It scans Bar-codes to extract product information. It can even scan QR codes & business cards to add them in your contacts. It scans texts by using OCR (Optical Character Recognition). This app can recognize books, paintings, DVDs, and CDS. It also supports Sudoku puzzles. The size of this app is about 2.6M and supports an android version of 2.2 or up.


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